Changing asm password file of diskgroup


If you need to change asm password file of diskgroup… you can follow these steps:

Check password file path:

[root@nodo1 ~]# asmcmd pwget –asm


We change the path from old to new diskgroup:

[root@nodo1 ~]# asmcmd pwmove –asm +PROVOTOCR/orapwASM +VOTOCR/orapwASM
ASMCMD-8028: Password file ‘+PROVOTOCR/orapwASM’ is associated with ‘asm’ already. Use the force option.

[root@nodo1 ~]# asmcmd pwmove –asm -f +PROVOTOCR/orapwASM +VOTOCR/orapwASM
moving +PROVOTOCR/orapwASM -> +VOTOCR/orapwASM


Check the change:

[root@nodo1 ~]# asmcmd pwget –asm

[root@nodo1 ~]# srvctl config asm
ASM home: <CRS home>
Password file: +VOTOCR/orapwASM
Backup of Password file:
ASM listener: LISTENER
ASM instance count: ALL

Now you can restart crs (crsctl stop/start crs) and checking if it’s going ok in every node.

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