How to clean the ASM disks’ headers


$ORACLE_HOME/bin/asmcmd afd_label PEPITO /dev/mapper/PEPITOp1 –init
disk /dev/mapper/PEPITOp1 is already provisioned for ASM


Recently, we were preparing an installation Grid Infrastructure 12.2, and we had already ready the disks with AFD for the later installation but in that moment, they had to change the machines between sites and turn them off for moving them.

The previous configuration was:


You could see the disks in:


We lost the disks once turn the machines on:


if we tried labeled again, we received that disk is already provisioned:


but the disks weren’t in the path /dev/oracleafd/disks.

So we tried to unlabel and label the disks again but the problem was the same:


We even tried to partition the disks again, but as it was the same configuration with de partition table, the disk’s header permained equal:


We checked the information in the header:


Then we decided to test with one of the disks, cleaned its header:


So we cleaned all:


and reconfigured the disks again:


Now, you could see the disks in the correct path:



Adding value with Arumel!!







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