Maybe you are using the script from:

and you are seeing in its log the statement:

“ line 235: [: OVM>: integer expression expected”

You can solve the problem adding to the script “bin/” the expression “>/dev/null” in the output for the first command, like this:

“function get_freespace_repo {
$sshovmcli refresh repository name=$1 >/dev/null
$sshovmcli show repository name=$1 |grep ” File System Free (GiB) = ” |cut -d “=” -f2 |awk ‘{print int($1+0.9)}’

Because if you trace your bash, you can see the problem:

“+ ‘[‘ FULL ‘!=’ SNAP ‘]’

‘[‘ 75 -gt ‘OVM>’ refresh repository name=PROREPOS $’\rCommand:’ refresh repository name=PROREPOS $’\rStatus:’ Success $’\rTime:’ 2019-01-22 11:01:26,497 CET $’\rJobId:’ 1548151285793 ‘^MOVM>’ Connection closed. 151 ‘]’
/opt/ovm-bkp/bin/./ line 235: [: OVM>: integer expression expected”

Simon Coter, thank you very much for the contribution to the OVM community. You make our lives easier with your scripts 😉