OVM: How to import a template from Oracle into a Repository


You can download the template from Oracle support web “Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database – Single Instance, Oracle Restart (SIHA) and Oracle RAC (Doc ID 1185244.1)


In our case, we want to download the “Single Instance & Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 18c (64-bit) on Oracle Linux 7.5 (w/OVMAPI Support)” that it contains 4 zip files, the first file is the operating system image, and the rest of them (you will need to join them later) are the Oracle software:


Unzip OS Disk:


Unzip Oracle Disk:


Join the Oracle disks in one:


Copy both of them (OS Disk and Oracle Disk) to one of the ovm servers:


Unzip the files:


* The process of joining the Oracle Disks and tar them, it is possible to do it in only one command if you want:


Start the http server into the ovm server where the templates are copied:


Import the templates from the ovm manager:


And you are ready to use the new template!


Adding value with Arumel!!


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