Installing templates from Oracle for OVM and using ADVM/ACFS “AFD is not supported”


Perhaps you were installing the templates from Oracle for OVM, and you wanted to use ADVM/ACFS but you found this error:


Well, it results obvious than the module ADVM/ACFS is not working correctly with your kernel version.


You can check your current kernel version in your operating system:


Check the installed and available kernels in your machine:


And now, you check the versions compiled for the module ADVM/ACFS:


You can see that the highest module for ADVM/ACFS (4.1.12-112) is compatible with kernel 4.1.12-124:


Now, you need to fix the correct kernel in the start of the machine.

The default kernel for starting is:


You change it for the correct kernel 4.1.12-124 for using the module ADVM/ACFS (4.1.12-112):


Reboot the machine and check if the module for ADVM/ACFS is working correctly:


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